Photo Manipulation:


I had done this by using layer masks in photo shop. Which is a new skill of Photoshop I had learnt during the photoshop lecture with Toby. At first I found it difficult because I confused myself a bit but then I managed to get the desired look I wanted. When I had first tried photo manipulation it didn’t turn out fab, and to be honest I don’t really like it. I don’t really like it due to the fact that it isn’t clear, and how I forgot to put in a shadow of the person jumping. But I think after I practised and played around with photoshop I managed to do an okay photo manipulation.


How I did it:

  • I first got the photo of Steffan and edited to how I wanted it.
  • I got a photo of a lion facing forward, as it would look better.
  • I made them both as a masked layer in the function hide all.
  • I then got the white paint brush and revealed the lion’s head.
  • And then I lined it up with Steffan’s facial features.
  • Widening the photo so that it was in proportion



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