Studio Work: Body Language:

Today we got to spend time in the studio taking portraits of each other. The portraits had to show an emotion, such as happy,sad,bored and angry. We got to use lighting equipment that I had never used before, soft box lights. We used studio flashes because it gives a quick burst of light,which is much brighter than continuous lighting. A reflector was also used; it took away the darkness from underneath the face.

The first set up was called beauty lighting, because we only had one soft box light in action. This is the outcome of using beauty lighting:

I like how these photos turned out due to the shadow coming off his face against the wall. You can also tell that I used a beauty light for these photographs as there is bits of whites in his eyes from the flash of the light. Instead of having someone press a button each time I wanted to take a photo with the light, we used a radio transmitter to fire off the flash as it much quicker and does it when the shutter of the camera is pressed.

This Is The Set Up Of The Shoot:


We then did another shoot with three soft boxes in different places instead but we didn’t use a reflector for this shoot.

These photos came out well as their faces are lit up regardless of there being three people. I decided to edited the three of them into black because I like how the colour of the light had turned out onto their faces, and how on Emily’s glasses you have a bit of reflection coming off.

What The Set Up Looked Like:

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 10.20.01.png

This set up defiantly gave more light and barely any shadow. In a way I like this set up because there is no shadow on the face but then I like how a shadow is sometimes there because it gives depth of the persons face or body. This set up is defiantly a set up that you would do if you had more than one person present in the shoot.


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