The Inuit Tribe;Hunting:

The Inuit Tribe adapt their hunting for the different seasons, such as in the summer hunting for them is easier then when it is in the winter. Due to the fact that the ice is much thicker in the winter so the sea mamals are less likely to get hunted; the ice is harder to break through. However they do fish through the breathing holes through the ice with spears,fishing rods,nets ect, but they usually wait hours until they eventually get a catch. As they cant really hunt sea mamals they hunt land animals instead such as polar bear,muck oxen,artic fox,artic bird and caribou.

The summer months are spent fishing as there is not alot of thick ice to fight through. During the summer they hunt in kayaks so then they can go further out into the ocean to hunt more. Fishing is important as it is a main source of their food, in some cases it is more important than other areas.

Family was important to Inuit Tribes. They lived in a family of 5-6 people and then lived and hunted with up to 10 different families. There was a divison of labour within the families. The men would go out and hunt for his family and provide for them, whilst the women would stay at home and look after the children,prepare the food and make the clothing for the seasons. The boys would go out and hunt with their fathers,whilst the girls copied the role that their mother plays.



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