Myles New; Food Photographer:

Myles New is a food photographer and has worked with many companies such as Sainsburys and McDonald’s. His work looks simplistic but comes across professional. Sometimes something simplistic looks better than a photo which is full of props.

These two photos have been advertised by the companies and has become well-known for that brand. The Sainsburys advert looks really mischievous and life-like,which makes you look at it longer than the McDonalds one.

I think because there is a range of colours in the Sainsburys advert it makes it more real and more relatable in a way.The lady has a stereotypical ‘mum haircut’ and the sharp utensils in her hand rather than anybody else that could be at the table. The dog makes this photo have a funny side to it as he is looking at the lady in a way a dog is begging at the table. Expect the dog in the advert is giving a cheeky look as in he is going to get food if he waits for it. The meat on the edge of the table stands out in the photo due to the fact that it has a golden pink outside and the stuffing falling out of the middle. The food is the only part of the photo and set up that is real and not a model version of it, which I think is really clever as it creates a comparison but then it fits in with the rest of the photo and doesn’t look out-of-place.

The McDonald’s advert has two main colours in it (yellow and red) this makes the photo pop as yellow is bright and the red is a darker tone which causes a contrast. I like how he has taken the photo in the style of rule of thirds, with the lemonade in the foreground and the grass taken up the 2/3’s of it filling up the photo. By doing this it creates a summer feel to it as there is more grass than there is product and the colours are bold and vibrant, making it feel like summer and hot.

In my final opinion on Myles New’s work I do really enjoy it, I enjoy the simplistic look of his photos and how only one main object is clearly shown as the subject and made to look so professional. I also like how he doesn’t use all of the product to photograph he’ll use a corner, or half of it to make it less noticeable but makes it stand out due to the colours and the layout.


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