David Bailey;Skulls&Roses:

David Bailey has used skulls and flowers to create a juxtaposition in his photographs. The skulls represent death and the flowers represent life. To me the different flowers represent different emotions, and the placement of the flowers show a different meaning through the three photos.

                As the flowers in the photos are blue which represents sorrow and heaven. As this photo shows mainly sorrow due to the colours and the skull in the photo. To me the reason the flowers are faced downwards are to represent tears coming from the skull,as they are placed diagonally down.  The flowers represent the life in the photo,so the tears are the only part of life that is coming from the skull. The darkness of the skulls eye sockets show no feeling just emptiness within.


This photo is showing a different meaning to the photo above. This photo to me shows promise as there are a bunch of keys surrounding the skulls head. OR it could mean that promises that had been made through out their lives were broken. The flowers to me look like they are exploding from the skulls eye, this could be all the beauty they have seen throughout their lives escaping through their eyes.


 For this photograph I feel like this photo is being overpowered by the flowers,which is defeating the deathly ora of the skull. This to me shows that the person valued their beauty as the skull is surrounded with beauty. But as the flowers are withered I feel like the person was an older gentlemen or lady who took pride in themselves.



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