3D Studio Work; Food Shoot:

Lillie (2).jpglime 2.jpg

For this shoot I wanted to photographer both of the fruit together as the colours are bright; I wanted to have the image colourful like Myles New has done with the McDonalds adverts he created. The reason behind using the lemon and lime was due to them being used regularly in drinks, due to the zesty and bitter flavour. I had researched where lemons originally came from but no one is actually sure where they originated from, which made me want to photograph them more. The lime was originally came from tropical and subtropical climates.

When I began to photograph the fruits together I noticed that the colours did not complement each other, there was too much colour going on in one place,what I mean by this is that the colours are too similar which made it too over powering. I also didn’t like the focal length of the lens I was using as it didn’t capture the textures of the fruits that I wanted to portray. When I zoomed in to capture the fruit I still didn’t get the desired effect that I wanted to achieve.

At first I played around with the layout of the lemon and lime together, until I decided I no longer wanted to photograph them together. The layouts I tried where next to each other or slightly in front of each other, but I found that it didn’t look as professional as I wanted, at this point  I was still using the original lens (18-105ml) In the end I decided to use a macro lens, at first I was just playing about with it, experimenting with different angles. I soon realised I wanted to use the macro lens for the shoot due to looking back at the photographs and realising it brought out the textures and colours. As the macro lens’ depth of field is much less than the original lens. I found it quick tricky to focus it to begin with, but once I had the layout of the fruit and the distance I wanted It began to become easy as I knew what I wanted to shoot and create.

The aperture’s I was working with was F8+F11, the shutter speed was 1/200 with an ISO of 100. This was set up easily as we had a light metre measuring the amount of light that was being exposed whilst the flash from the soft boxes was being fired. By using the light metre, it didn’t cause any problems such as being over exposed or under exposed.

The challenges I faced didn’t last long as I had got my head around them. For instants the macro lens was the most difficult problem to over-come but once I had practised it became easier as the shoot went on. As I didn’t use a tripod, due to want to taking the photos face on ‘free hand’ it was easier as I rested my arm on the table to keep the camera steady whilst I was focusing it.

The depth of field in a macro lens photography is much less,than what it is in conventional subjects that are far away. Including smaller apertures (F16,F22) Depth of field only extends a couple of centimetres in each direction,making the focusing and accuracy more crucial.

We used soft boxes with the flash, whilst taking these photos. Using soft boxes makes the light less harsh, making the subject look softer. The shadows can be manipulated around the subject by using a reflector. The reflector helps remove the shadow from underneath the subject EG under a models chin for example. This helps the subject to look more flattering. With food photography by having the light and shadows manipulated you can bring out the colours and textures. EG Before adjusting the clarity you could see the texture of the lemon and the vibrancy of the yellows.


The soft boxes were set up either side of the table, I liked this set-up due to the light, lighting up both sides of the fruit bringing out the colours and the fresh feel of the fruit. If I just used one soft box, I do not think that I would have gotten the same outcome. It would have created a shadow onto the fruit as one side would have been lit up, making the other side seem darker.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 10.06.18.png

To edited the photos I used photoshop and camera raw. Whilst I was in camera raw I adjusted the clarity so the segment’s of the fruits was more sharp and clear. I wanted the textures of the segments more clear and visible. For the lemon I had adjusted the yellows more than I had the lime due to green being a hard colour to get right. Bringing out the yellows in the lemon had made the skin more visible,even though it is only a sliver being seen. Out of the two the lemon is my favourite as it turned out quite well, due to the colours and how the segment had actually turned out.

I wanted to experiment a bit more with the colours in photoshop, by turning it into black and white, but I had adjusted the yellow and red tones more than the others. By doing this it made the lemon look a bit like an orange due to the darker areas. The lime to me, even though you can only see the corner, look like a pomegranate. I think this because of the fact that it’s not in focus but the segment itself looks more patterned and dark, like a pomegranate.



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