Cross Crit Feedback:

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 14.46.16.png

This is the feedback I had recieved from the girls I was in a group with. This feedback has given me some constructive ideas for my work, and how I can improve my work.

2.1→ We talked about what I needed to improve on, we all agreed that I needed to experiment with my fnal idea; I haven’t got many photographic experiments,just done alot of research for that idea.

3.1→  I understand their point here as I didn’t print any of my own photographs to display, I had just printed out the pamphlet on Jimmy Nelson.

I actually enjoyed this cross crit as I got to see how other classes have interpreted their brief. My favourite was fashion as their books have alot of experimentation in,such as samples of the fabrics they are going to use, and different cultures/themes of fashion they are going to recreate. The group I was in two of the fashion students chose to do age for their idea and the other girl chose to do plus size models. I thought their work was interesting and easy to talk about because of how they had portrayed their work.


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