Darkroom Steps; Exposure:


  • • Photographic Paper
  • • Enlarger Lens
  • • Negative Carrier for 35mm film
  • • Enlarger/Contrast Filters – depends on enlarger
  • • Easel – size depends on printing/paper size
  • • Cardboard/black card at least 5″ x 7″
  • • Grain Focuser
  • • Blower Brush
  • • Scissors/ Guillotine
  • • Plastic Tray – size depends on print size
  • • Tongs
  • • Gloves/Plastic Aprons – to protect clothes against chemicals


The chemicals are arranged in the large sinks in consecutive order:

  • Developer
  • Stop bath
  • Fix
  • Water bath

DISH PROCESSING TIMES – chemicals need to be fresh for each

printing session. If you are not sure, check with ERC

  • 1. DEVELOPER – In less than 15 seconds you will start to see the image appear on the paper. Leave the paper in the developer for 1
  • 1⁄2 to 2 minutes; making sure it gets fully developed.
  • 2. STOP – 30sec
  • 3. FIX – 5 minutes
  • 4. WASH – 10 minutes

Using the darkroom was good as I got to use chemicals that I wasn’t able to used before. Although the thought of doing this process sounded complicated, it was relatively easy when I began to do it. The hardest part out of the whole process was making sure the image was in focus and making sure that there was enough light being exposed.


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