Final Film Photos:


Personally I do not like my final images as much as I hoped due to them being too dark and one of them being scratched. The one on the left, I exposed for 10seconds but I wish I did it for 5 seconds instead as it is too dark. The top right photo is the one that is scratched which I am annoyed about due to the angle I took the photo and his facial expressions,which I really liked. It wasn’t the photo paper that was scratched it was the film that had been scratched.

If I had time to develop all of my photos, I would as I want to see how all my photos had turned out, to see what areas I had to improve on whilst using a film camera. For example focusing and the lighting. I would also do more than one test strip to make sure how long I need to expose each image, to guarantee a perfect photo.

The bottom two photos are the test strips. The test strips were for knowing how long you wanted to exposure the light sensitive paper to the light. To stop the other parts of the paper getting exposed to light we used a bit of card which the light wouldn’t pass through. For my test strips I made 5 tests each one was timing different intervals of light, 5 seconds,10 seconds,15 seconds,20 seconds and 25 seconds.


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