3D Evaluation On Food Shoot:

To give the food I was photographing a 3D aspect was quite difficult as I am more used to taking portraits of people, which is classed as a 2D image. The 3D aspect is created using different angles, lighting, textures and lens choice.

Angling the object to the side stops the photo from looking flat as you can now see the edges of the object, for example photographing a cube, face on would make it look 2D but turning it slightly makes you able to see the edges giving it a 3D aspect to the photograph, it creates more depth.

Using lighting creates a shadow, depending on how the lights are set up. By having a shadow from the objects it creates a wider surface area to photograph. By having a shadow, it shows that the object is not 2D but in fact 3D.

Capturing the textures of the object it makes the object come out of the photograph in a way. In portrait photography you can’t capture the texture of the face as that is not what you want to achieve, you want achieve emotion and expression. The texture you receive is from the clothing. Inanimate objects give off the 3D element in photography as you are aiming for it have the aspect of 3D, rather than 2D.

The lens choice is important as you want to use a lens that helps you achieve the final look you want to have. Such as I used a macro lens because personally I thought it helped give a 3D aspect to it. The macro lens enhances the edges as it focusing more on one area of the object. It also creates a greater depth of field making it the only object in focus if there was something behind it. By having a greater depth of field it helps bring out the object better than it would if there was a smaller depth of field.

What ideas were you trying to communicate?

I wanted to show the colours and textures of lemons and limes. As I feel like they both have great textures and colours to photograph. I also wanted to use fruits that were used for the same purpose but are from different countries.

How did you try to create a 3d piece?

I tried to make my photographs look 3D by making the segment slices much thicker than what they originally were. By making the segments thicker it gave the fruit more depth. It also made it easier to work with; I could then turn it to the side and the skin was more visible then what it was face on.DSC_3220.jpg

Arranging the fruit singular looked more professional in my opinion as I felt that I could concentrate on one fruit at a time. I presented the fruits in different ways, at times in was straight on and then other times I turned it to the side. Each way had a 3D aspect to it due to the thickness of the slice. The macro lens enhanced this as it gave a closer view of the segment.

The challenges I faced were minor when it came to photographing the fruit. At first I had smaller segments which made it difficult to stand them up straight, so to fix this problem I decided to re-cut the segments into thicker pieces. With the macro lens practice helped with focusing as it was hard at first because I wasn’t using a steady surface.

If I was to do this shoot again I would have used other objects as well, to experiment more and give myself a wider range of photographs to edit and experiment of photoshop with. I also feel that taking more photos with the macro lens would have given me more practice with the lens, which would have made future work with the lens easier; I would know how to focus steadily and the distance I needed to be from the object to get a professional looking shot.


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