Carri Angel:

We had Carri Angle come in and present her work to us, she spoke about how she got to where she is now and how she got there.

Carri Angle was a Btech student who had won a competition which then made her become a head designer for a company. She then went to East London Uni to study textiles. Her partner at the time had their own business, which she pleaded to become a part of to be the designer, which then lead to her becoming the director. As she had to bring photographers in to photograph the clothing she said that she didn’t like how they portrayed the clothing. So not long after realising she didn’t want other photographers taking the photos of her clothing, she became the designer and photographer for the company.

Later on she decided she no longer wanted to be with company anymore so she trained with a charity who photograph dead children- personally I do not like the thought of this due to it being upsetting. She was in Singapore at this time. She later moved back to the UK but no-one wanted her as they learnt how to cope without her. So she decided to work full time as a photographer.

Now she studies photography but she incorporates her fashion and designing techniques into her work. For her project she is doing now she is creating garments out of wasted but she has photographed them in a professional manor to show how fake everything is.


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