Final Evaluation:

This project has been interesting due to the fact how much I have learned about Photoshop, and different countries. For my project I wanted to explore another tribe – The Inuit tribe. I wanted to also put what I had learnt about Photoshop into this assignment. Doing a model set for my shoot was interesting as I had never done something like that before, I usually take portraits. It was good to get out of my comfort zone and try something new as I now have practice in it,so if I was to do it again I would know how I could experiment with it and create a set.

The Inuit tribe to me jumped out as I found it was interesting how they are a lot different in the way they live, for example hunting and handmade clothes. Whereas someone from a country that doesn’t need to hunt or make their own clothes would find it odd or fascinating how they do it, like myself. I found it interesting that determining the weather/season their hunting techniques change. My photo shoot represents what it would be like in the summer and winter for them to hunt,as in both seasons they hunt for fish but in the winter it is a lot harder for them, as the ice is thicker so they can’t break through it as easily, as they would be able to in the summer. My photo that represents the winter months is with the haze around the man.

My inspiration for my shoot was Slinkachu, as I wanted to create a scene using a miniature figure in a big environment.The more I researched about him the more I found it interesting how he does it and where he does it. I also liked how he took a series of images of the set up he had created and then took a photo without a macro lens to show where it actually is and how small it is. I put my own twist on one of the photos as I wanted to experiment with Photoshop more,more than what I would have done if I was to do a portrait. This shoot made it possible for me to try new techniques on photoshop,things I had never done before.  My other inspiration was Jimmy Nelson as he had done shoots with many tribes for his foundation. One of his shoots was bases on the Nenet Tribe, who are similar to the Inuit Tribe. I started my research on the Inuit tribe due to researching Jimmy Nelson beforehand. I wanted to research a tribe due to them having different ways from everyone else. I feel like I had researched into depth for my idea, however I feel like I could have researched some else who photographed people from tribes so I had a wider knowledge and view on how they photographed them.

My ideas developed because I wasn’t originally going to expand on the Photoshop that was needed to create one of the three photos. My idea had always been the Inuit Tribe as I found them interesting and I wanted to explore them more. I also wanted to create something different from what Jimmy Nelson had done, as he takes portraits of the tribes he photographs, I wanted to use still life and put a 3D element into it.

I improved on my english and maths skills during this project due to the 500 word pamphlet that we had to create about a non western artist. The pamphlet had to include 500 words and statistics. I also used maths whilst doing the set up for the shoot, using a light metre and working out what aperture to have the camera on ect. The english skills is on going in this project as we had to write evaluations for everything we had done and how we had done it.

I learnt new Photoshop techniques whilst doing this project due to the lectures we had received on them, I also watched a few YouTube tutorials to show me how to do certain things in more depth. This did push me to try new things as I hadn’t done/learnt the photoshop I had during this project whilst I was at school, or just in general I had never done them. I also had never done a still life using model figures before, which was a task at first as I didn’t know how to set them up or how I could make them stay in the same position. I also pushed myself to use a macro lens as I wanted to experiment with the shots I wanted to take. This wasn’t the first time using the macro lens as I had used it for the food shoot. I wanted to use it for the final images due to the focus and closeness it creates. It made the figure look normal in the set which I wanted to create, as I had seen it in Slinkachu’s  work.

For the character development chart I would say I need to improve on PEOPLE as I don’t interact with people,other than group crit ect.

I think I managed my stress levels well due to my planning and research that I had done. The planning I had done had helped me know how I was going to execute my shoot. My time planning helped me reach the deadlines on time with everything completed,with no unnecessary panic. Attendance was important to this project as every session we learnt something new.

I feel like I put a lot of effort into my work due to me trying to new things and experimenting a lot more. The research and practicing for this project took most of my time due to having to know a lot about the Inuit Tribe and the way they live.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.13.30.png

Personally I feel like I have met the brief due to the 3D aspect and cultural feel about my shoot. The 3D aspect was hard to achieve as at first when being briefed on the brief I had no idea what to do. But after researching different photographers it made my idea easy to follow and commit to.

This project was good as I got to learn new photographers who focus their work on stereotypes and how they overcome them. I also learnt stereotypes people encounter everyday and how it affects them emotionally. I found this really interesting as I new stereotypes people encounter in their lives, but I didn’t realise that people who look different get stereotyped so bad by other people. The cosmetic retouching was something that I didn’t really understand why companies actually do it.What didn’t make sense to me was how they picked that model to photograph but would change them into something they are not. For example changing their head shape and the shape of their body. However I do agree with getting rid of something they are insecure about, such as spots or scars they have. This would make them feel better about themselves.



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