Final Images:

These are my final images for the assignment The Others. I was inspired by Slinkachu and how he creates scenes with miniature figures in a big environment. I wanted to be more experimental with my work for this assignment as we could experiment with a 3D element. Also as one of my targets was to be more experimental with my photography, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try to achieve my target.

My idea was to have the figure fishing into the fish bowl with someone looking through the glass. I wanted to do this because of how different the two cultures are to each other. The Inuit Tribe hunt for their food to survive whilst the english culture buy their food to survive. I wanted to show a contrast of how different they are to us. Different in a way that they hand make their clothes,build their own homes, and hunt for their food. Whereas we buy everything we have, the Inuit Tribe do not have that luxury, however they would see that as different as it’s not what they do to live.

I decided to include the two other photos to show different angels of the set up I had created. To get the smoky look on one of the photos I used bubble wrap and a macro lens. Due to the macro lens not focusing clearly on the bubble wrap it made it have the effect of coldness. At first I didn’t like the photo due to the haze surrounding the man, but after editing the photo I realised that it could be an effect for the ice that they are surrounded in daily. For both of the close up photos I used a macro lens,due to me wanting to experiment more.

The editing process for the forward facing photo was all done on photoshop and camera RAW. The fish bowl and the face coming through the back are two different photos. I edited each of the photographs separately on camera RAW as they were originally darker than I anticipated on. Once I had smoothed out the background of the fish bowl photo,by adjusting the clarity and using a layer mask to reveal it. I then started to edited the face photograph. I took away some of the red areas on his face and that was it. I created another layer mask on the fish bowl photo, this helped me expose the face through the back of the bowl. Personally I do not think that is my best photo as I am still not sure on how I feel about it. It was worth doing though as it has given me practice on those areas that I had to do to create it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 09.42.05.png

This is the set up I had for my shoot. I had set up a light tent in my front room, which had a white background. As I have patio windows to the right of the light tent it made the lighting soft as the tent diffused it,so it wasn’t as harsh. However as I have a smaller window on the left the light wasn’t as intense so I used a torch just to create some shadow and reflection of the water. I wanted to have a reflection of the water as I like the effect of the rain drops ect. When the sun started to go in I used the flash on the camera,this created a good effect as the flash also made the camera catch the water drops. This set up was good until the natural light went and it started to go dark, although I do like the effect the torch gave to my photographs.

However as the light was changing constantly I had to keep changing the settings on the camera so the photos were not over/under exposed. For this I downloaded an app on my phone called ‘Light Meter’ which helped me know which settings (aperture,shutter speed and ISO) to put the camera on. This app was actually really useful at the last-minute, as I didn’t book out a light meter from college. Each time the lighting had changed a bit, or when I moved the torch closer or further away I used the light meter, so I knew if I had to change anything before I started taking the photos.

For this shoot I used a macro lens again. The macro lens was good as I got to play around with what I wanted to be the main focus ect. The macro lens was easier to use this time around due to the practice I have had throughout the project. I was much quicker with how to set it up and the focusing of the subject. The photos that I had produced whilst using the macro lens was less blurred from the first time that I had used the lens.

I feel that using a macro lens helped me show the 3D aspect of my idea, as the depth of field in a macro lens is much more than the 18-105mm lens,which I was using at the start. Having a strong depth of field, creates the illusion of a part of the subject is further away from the actual subject, as it is not in focus like the rest.




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