My Attempt At HDR Photography:

Lillie HDR.jpg

This was my attempt for HDR photography, the photographs I had taken today I wasn’t too sure on the outcome of them, which made me decide choose a photo I had already taken. I created this photo by using camera RAW and changing the exposure three times; -2, 0 ,+2. Changing the exposure helped draw out the sky and details on the walls. On all three of the photos I had edited the clarity,highlights,shadows and saturation. I then used photomatix pro to create the HDR photo. I then edited it on photoshop to make it black and white, and I had also done some cropping and rotating.

Camera Settings To Use:

-Shoot in RAW

-Use aperture priority

-Bracket exposure in camera OR at camera RAW stage

-Use tripod and lens hood.


Bracketing involves taking a sequence of pictures of the same scene at a range of exposure settings. There are two reasons you might want to do this; as a safety net to ensure you get at least one well-exposed picture of the scene. If there is something moving in one of the photos shot, you can get rid of it by using photomatix and clicking remove ghosting. The reason it’s called ghosting is because of how transparent it is in the photograph,and there is more than one of them.Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 15.58.45.png


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