Today we went to Mount Edgcumbe to do a shoot. The shoot was based around practising doing panoramic photography. This was good to do as I had never done panoramic photography before, only on my phone but that never turns out right. To do this process it was difficult at first due to having to keep the settings,height of the tripod and positioning the same. If the tripod was to move it would make the panoramic go up and down at the top of the image. After taking the 3rd photo for the panoramic it got easier to do as I got more comfortable with it. lillie

In total I had 17 images that I had taken for my panoramic photo. To merge them all together I used Photoshop. The steps were:

  • Edit the images separately on camera RAW
  • Name them in numerical order (LEFT-RIGHT)
  • File – Automate – Photo merge – Select the photos I wanted – ok
  • I then enhanced the blues and greens to make them stand out more.