Victoria Dawe:

Victoria Dawe started out borrowing her fathers camera and processing her photographs in their homemade dark room at their house. She was an ex student of PCAD and claims that without the teaching and training she received from other photographers that she worked with,she wouldn’t be where she is now taking the cityscapes that she has been producing.

The panoramic work that she produces are amazing. The reflections that she manages to capture of the landscapes,look like she has just flipped her image upside down and merged it together. The enhanced colours make her images stand out to me as they draw me in. I like how the colour is vibrant,it makes the detail of the photo stand out alot more then what it would in black and white, I would imagine. The images I have selected are my favourite ones she has creates. Some of the photos she has produced they do look busy, by saying busy I mean that there is a lot going on in the photo, although it doesn’t have a lot of things in the foreground, it appears to me as it is because there is no break from the top of the photograph and the object.

Such as this photo. Although the colour is there making it stand out, I just feel that there is too much going on. What I mean by that is that there is too much reflection which makes the cityscape seem busier than what it actually is. I think it would look less busy if there was a break between the top of the skyscraper and the end of the photography. Also if there wasn’t so much reflection in the photo.Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 15.54.30.png1212.jpg

The photo above, I had taken into photoshop and cropped it a bit. I think that having a smaller reflection space helps you focus on certain areas more, instead of being distracted by other things in the photo.


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