Crispin Hughes:

Crispin Hughes captures the unseen world between the tides– an empty, wild place in the heart of London. The 18 pictures, each over two metres wide and taking in 360º, capture the play of shadow and light, the massive drowned structures revealed by the ebbing tide and a sense of expectation and foreboding that the river carries with it.Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 08.58.41.png

I prefer this photograph out of the Unquiet Thames exhibition,due to it being minimal and not messy. I also like this photo due to the two spots of light at either end of the tunnel. I think having a spot of light, the pole and then another spot of light,makes the photo more interesting. By having each side almost look identical it gives it a sense of symmetry. By having it look like it is symmetrical it starts to make you question whether it is or not, and how they have created this photo. However by having slight changes on each side of the photo it makes a huge difference once you look closer.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 08.57.22.png

I also quite like this photo. It is also from the same exhibition Unquiet Thames,I like this one due to be it being minimalistic like the first. Minimalistic works best with the shoots he takes as if it was full of things I don’t think the photo would have much purpose and it would take away his main focus, which is the Thames.

In both these photos I have chosen I feel like he didn’t need to do much editing to them as both of the photos have two beams of light coming from either side of the shot. The grunge look he has portrayed makes the water look really muddy and unappealing.


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