Timelapse VS Stop Motion:


  • Condenced video which can be sped up.
  • Sequence of frames
  • Series of stills which have slight changes
  • Set intervalls = EG every 5 minutes
  • Same view point (tripod is needed)

The most common things to do a timelapse on is:

  • Cars
  • Stars
  • Clouds
  • People
  • Sunsets/Sunrise
  • Waves

Stop Motion:

  • Series of photographs
  • Take shots whenever as there is no set interval
  • Can be more creative as you are more incontrol of what is going on
  • Moving an object slowly taking a photo each time
  • Another name for Stop Animation

Examples of stop motion is Shaun The Sheep, Wallace and Gromit.

Frame Rate= How many frames per second TV+ Film = 25 frames per second.


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