Andy Hughes:

Andy Hughes photographs rubbish from beaches that he surfs at,mainly in and around Wales,he has been doing this for about 25 years. He first came across this area of work when he went to an exhibition which was created by Keith Arnett. The reason why he started doing his work with rubbish on beaches was because he felt connected to the work he had seen when he was younger. He felt a sense of connection due to his travel to the beach regularly due to his passion for surfing, in a way felt like he could do something about it else it would harm the place he likes going to the most.

Although it looks like he is glamourising the rubbish that lurks amongst the beaches he goes to, it actually shows how much rubbish there is around as he has created a book on it, and each piece of rubbish is different. I like his work as it brings your attention to it as it is full of colour and is presented in a nice way.To me by having work shown like his I believe it does help bring awareness to rubbish on beaches, as if I seen a dark,not well taken photo of rubbish I would just go past it due to it looking like not a lot of time or effort has been put into it. When I seen photos when an animal is being harmed,it makes me look away as I can’t stand the sight of it. I think that the presentation/angle/lighting/colours are important when trying to make a statement for someone to remember as then it is sticks in their head for them to tell others. People would disagree with this as they could interpret it that he is making it out to be a good thing that there is rubbish on beaches as he has managed to create a good photo out of it/making the rubbish look clean and harmless. Some people do prefer having a horrifying image in front of them to grab their attention as they then see the pain that the animal is going through, or how much rubbish is actually effecting the oceans and beaches.


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