BBC Life 2009; Plants:

This video has been taken place over a time period of 2 years. This involves the editing and the actual preparation of the set up for the plants. This video is two video clips over laid. The clip where the plants are growing and changing are taken in a studio.For the footage to work well with the woodland area, they had to get the exact measurements of the trees and growth in the woods. If one thing goes wrong; not creating the correct measurement, they have to start again,causing the process to be long and time-consuming. Watching the video you wouldn’t think that is how it is done due to it looking so slick. That is due to the year of editing that is done to the clips which causes it to look seamless. Unless you were a plant expert you wouldn’t know if the plants that they have got footage of,are the correct plants that should be growing in that area of the woods at that time.

This video clip shows how the time-lapse is done and shows a rough idea on how long it should take for it to be happening:



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