Carbon Footprint:

To calculate my carbon footprint I used a website created by WWF, It has given me tips of how I could change the way I do things for my carbon footprint to shrink. My highest percentage was home 35% this is due to the fact that we have a radio on all day and keep our lights on constant,however we do recycle and put our heating on when we need it on. It has also shown me that my carbon footprint is bigger than the average UK carbon footprint,which is awful. The next highest is travel 23% this is due to the fact that I can catch a bus everyday due to coming to college and going to work during the week. If I wanted to walk to town everyday it would take me 1hour and 46minutes to get there,where as on a bus it takes 40 minutes,sometimes less.

This test I did based on how they would want me to answer, ticking the best boxes which make me a great person. As I put that I recycle everything,turn the lights of,use gas, don’t my flat regularly, my carbon foot print is still a bit high. However it is not high as in alarming and should stop what I have been doing ect.


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