Money 4 Old Rope:

Today Steve had shared with us his charity he has created with his girlfriend, Money 4 Old Rope. They had started this charity as they were shocked how much fishing rope and nets were left from fishermen, and how much harm it causes for the wildlife around us.The money they make 50% of it goes to Surfers Against Sewage, another organisation who is out to stop pollution in the ocean.

Their idea is to put old fishing rope into jars to jazz up peoples homes wherever they may put it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 16.06.25.pngI feel that this is a really good idea. Due to it looking good in the jar and helping the environment at the same time. You could put fairy lights into the jars to make them stand out more, or do whatever you want with them. I also believe that it is a good cause and could make a difference in the long run.

Steve today set us a task which was to help him and his website. He wanted us to photograph the jars in anyway we wanted to,using flash lights and soft boxes. I really liked doing this as you could of added or took away somethings if you didn’t want them there or if you did. I think that was really useful as it helped with product photography in the long run as we were actually doing something for someone who needs it.

The photos I had produced:

money 4 old rope 2 .jpgMoney 4 Old Rope1.jpg

For these photos I really wanted to emphasise the beach scene, for example adding in the shells and extra bits of ropes. I didn’t just want to photograph the jar as it was too original and people had already done that. I think that the shells add forward texture to the photograph, as its not in the jar compressed like the rope. I love the different colours of the rope as it stands out and makes itself noticeable. I also like how it is all tangles and messy, just like it would be in the sea, trapping the wildlife and the habitats.

I wanted to add rope outside of the jar as I wanted to show how long it actually is, as you can’t tell when it is in the jar as it is compressed. Having the rope out also makes it feel less controlled and hidden,as the rope in the ocean isn’t controlled and isn’t hidden, as it does harm a lot of things.

The message I get from having the rope in jars is like they are saying we need to ‘put a lid on it’ to control it and stop it from happening. I think that by having that mindset of getting rope and rubbish out of the ocean it can decrease and actually make a big difference. I also think that it is sad how plastic pollution is going to over populate fish and they habitats at some point in the near by future.



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