For this project I want to base it around marine life and shutter speed. I want to concentrate my idea of balloons and plastics, I will try to present this by filling a balloon with water and small bits of plastics and then popping it. I want to capture the ‘pop’ using a fast shutter speed,capturing the outline of the water before it hits the floor. During the brief from the Devon Wildlife Trust, she talked about how balloons are dangerous to turtles as they think it is a jellyfish and then they end up choking and then death. I want to show that by popping the balloon,rather than letting it go, will help lower the risks of them polluting the ocean. I then wanted to incorporate the plastics in the balloon to show that one day there is going to be more plastics in the ocean then there is fish and wildlife.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 09.55.51.png

I want to create something like this but in front of a beach.