Mauricio Merino Photography:

Mauricio Merino Photography creates YouTube tutorials on photography,he has a range of helpful videos on different techniques of photography to try out. I was reading the comments he gets on his videos to see if his tutorials were worth watching but they were all positive and they had said they tried out the shutter speed and it turned out really well. Reading the positive reviews it made me want to watch him to see what he is about.

I came across this video on YouTube and it was really helpful. It gave me the answers I was looking for, due to wanting to know how to take the photo and how to set up my camera ect. Initially I thought that fast shutter speed photography would be really tricky to set up and actually achieve, however I feel like once I have set up everything the way that the video is set up, I will be able to (eventually) do it. Like the man said it might take a few shots to actually get the one you wanted. As I want to add plastic into the balloon it may take longer,as the plastic might not be captured the way I want them to be.

The camera settings I will need:

  • Shutter speed → 1/250
  • Aperture → F8
  • ISO → 100
  • Use burst → This will capture the process of the balloon popping and it will give me more than one shot I can work with.

What I need:

  1.  Water balloons and bits of plastics
  2. DSLR camera
  3. Off camera flash
  4. Bucket to catch the water
  5. Transceiver and receiver
  6. Tripod
  7. Another tripod or stand to hang the balloons off of
  8. A needle or sharp object to pop the balloons.



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