To create a timelapse you need to set the camera onto the correct settings:

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 11.58.50.png

And insure that you use a tripod at al times. We worked out that by having it on for 10 minutes the video would last for 30 seconds. I took my timelapse in the car park on ToysRus facing Pavilions on a lower level,peeping through the hand rail.

Editing the timelapse I used Premier Pro CC, I used this because today we had a quick how-to on the software. I found it easy to use once I had been told how to use it, I like how quick it is to create something that you want to create, and how simple it is to make the clips join and look seamless.

How I Did It:

The song I used for this was Rag ‘n’ Boneman Grace. I used this song due to not knowing what song would fit with my timelapse, I picked the most upbeat part of the song to lighten up the mood of the video. I didn’t really know what to call the timelapse, but as it is of a round about I thought I would just call it Round and Round.

I did enjoy doing the timelapse but I wouldn’t jump to it if I had the chance to do my final piece using it. I just find the process boring compared to actually taking a photo. I like lining up the object/subjects whilst taking the photo, and the editing process,even though sometimes it is a bit tedious.


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