Edit One:


This is the original photo I had taken for my shoot, I like how the pop of the balloon had turned out but the rest looked quite messy so I edited it on photoshop and camera RAW.


balloon .jpg

For this edit I had adjusted the clarity,colours and contrast on camera RAW so that the out line of the water stood out more. I had added more bits of plastic to the centre of the balloon as the original bits of plastics had sunk to the bottom. However where I had added in the added bits of plastics you can see that they are just on top of the water, it doesn’t actually look like its apart of the balloon at all. ↓↓↓Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.43.23.png

The background for this edit was also the original background I had shot, I hadn’t done any editing to it. I don’t like the background in this image due to it show creases in the screen and how the blacks are two different colours.


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