Final Image:

back up.jpg  My image has two meanings:

  1. Popping balloons is better for the environment then letting them go, as when they are let go they eventually end up in the ocean, where it harms turtles and other sea life, as they think it is food. As it looks similar to jellyfish when the balloons have deflated and become old.
  2. Plastics are a big problem in the oceans as it ruins coral reefs and sea life in general.

I wanted to have two meanings to the photo, as I felt like they are both linked and can be stopped if people changed their actions and lifestyles.

I like my final image as I have tried something new,which I haven’t done before causing me to research more into the techniques on how to do it. What helped the most was the YouTube video that I watched, as it gave an example on how to set up the camera and the balloon. It also gave me an idea on what camera settings that I needed to capture the pop of the balloon, I adapted the settings throughout the shoot, due to the lighting I had.

By having an organic shape made by the water, it looks more natural and less forced, compared to something man made. What I mean by this is that is doesn’t have a perfect outline like a ball would have, the water is simply like this for not even a second until it falls into a puddle. The form of the water makes it look 3D due to the depth of the water curving in any direction before it falls.

Having negative space around the balloon makes it stand out more as it a clear even background. If the background was busy,full of colour or had objects around it,it wouldn’t be as effective because there would be too many distractions around the main focus causing the viewer to not understand what the main message is behind the balloon.

There is more emphasis on the centre of the balloon as that is where there is colour and a ripple from the pin touching the water. This is the important part of the photo as it shows the two meanings I am trying to put across, I want this to be the main focus for the viewer to be looking at and understanding.

All of the water is full of light as I had light from above and the off camera flash on the left of the camera. I feel like the left is a little bit brighter due to it having the flash on that side. I think having the water full of light makes it stand out against the black,showing again that it is the main focus of the photo.


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