Karl Lagerfeld; Fashion Designer&Photographer:

Whilst looking at some of Karl Lagerfeld photography I came across these two photographs:

I was drawn to these photographs due to the airbrushed look about them, and how structured her face looks due to her make-up. I am still intrigued by what these photographs are about, I have looked at many websites which include these photographs and I couldn’t find any context about them. Clearly they are for a fashion shoot as they are shot and designed by Karl Lagerfeld,but what is the purpose of them?

I like how Karl Lagerfeld has made the model the main focus in the image by having a strong depth of field,which doesn’t include the background. It makes the model stand out the most and draws you into the photo as her face and top half of her body is all you see. Having the photograph edited into black and white gives it a bit of grain (due to him shooting on black and white film – 8 x 10 Sinar), which makes it almost seem as it has texture which you can feel if you touch the photo, due to her face looking  more realistic even though it is airbrushed. It also brings out the wispy parts of her hair which shows that in fact she isn’t perfect, she has flaws too. The way they have enhanced her cheek bones and collar bones makes her look incredibly skinnier than what i imagine she is. by enhancing these parts on her either makes a false perception of her to the audience or they think that these parts on her are her best features and they just want to enhance them.

Personally looking at the series of photos for this shoot, I feel like Karl Lagerfeld was trying to present a greek gods kind of feel, due to the hair styles, the robes and the lack of robes in the photographs. I feel like Lagerfeld try to make Bianca Balti into Aphrodite as she is looking glamorous and powerful in the way she is looking and holding her position.

My opinion on these photos are that I really do like them and what I feel there are about. I think the way that Lagerfeld has portrayed her you can interpret it in any way you want, as he hasn’t added his own reason for the photos on his website. However in a way I feel like some people will take these photos in the wrong way, as they may say that he is portraying that skinny women are more beautiful than larger women, as in this shoot he has used skinnier women to be his models. Personally I think that it is personal preference for what you want to create, he may have used many types of models but narrowed it down to that he wanted to use the ones he chose.


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