Nick Knight; Fashion Photographer:

Once I had discovered these two photographs on Nick Knights website I decided to look through some of his other images he had taken, and I wasn’t too keen on them, I don’t know what it is about them I’m just not too sure about them.


U like the photograph on the left but I just don’t like how there is a paper clip going through her forehead, I think for the photograph there is just too much going on now. As there is pattern and a blue haze on the image anyway. The second image I don’t like due to it representing a clown and I just don’t find clowns appealing. The colours in the photos are bright and colourful which draws you in but then looking closer I can see the actual purpose of the photograph.

I liked these two photographs as they are glamorous in the way that the outfits are designed and how they have been photographed. I like how both photographs are different in the way that they have placed the model. The first photo is colourful and has a relaxed feel about it. I am also drawn to this photo as the colours are all the same and it links in well with what is being shown. The second photo reminds me of a ballerina and how they would present them self. The big puffy dress makes this photo worth looking at, as it fills the empty space that would have been there if she didn’t lift it up.




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