To appropriate is to take possession of something. Appropriation artists deliberately copy images to take possession of them in their art. They are not stealing or plagiarizing. They are not passing off these images as their very own. Not at all. Appropriation artists want the viewer to recognize the images they copy, and they hope that the viewer will bring all of his/her original associations with the image to the artist’s new context, be it a painting, a sculpture, a collage, a combine or an entire installation.

An artist that did this with their work was Andy Warhol, he took images that were already published by other photographers,artists ect, and made them his own. He did this often with the photograph of Marilyn Monroe:

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 16.14.50.png

This pop art image he created stands out, is creative and is one of its kind due to the way he had done it, the colours ect. Creating this image didn’t leave anyone in the dark of not knowing who the photograph was of, due to Marilyn Monroe being well known to the world. Manipulating the photograph like this makes it stand out and not just the same old image anyone can create, he made it his own.


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