David Hockney ; Joiners:

Joiners is a photographic technique in which one picture is assembled from several overlapping photographs. This had been invented by David Hockney in the 1980’s, he first used polaroid prints and 35mm,commercially processed coloured prints. Joiners are some what the same as cubism as they are photographs of an object in different angles layered on top of each other to create a photograph/painting.

David Hockney’s Joiners:

Out of these photographs I prefer the one of the man due to it flowing better and it doesn’t make his exact face shape. I think having more angled photographs placed together makes the photograph more interesting and draws you in more. The colours also draw you in as it is full of warm colours and little bits of blue,which is very subtle. The colours also give a subtle contrast which makes your eyes wonder around the image.

The joiner of his mother isn’t my favourite as I don’t like how it looks very grey and doesn’t have many exciting colours in. The way that there is many different angled photos creating her face makes it more interesting as you can tell that he has worked more on lining up the facial features of her face,making sure that her eyes,nose and mouth are where they should be.



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