Creating My Hockney Joiner:

church joiner.jpg

For my joiner I wanted it too all link up and look seamless but to still be able to tell that they are different pictures joined together. I did this process on Photoshop just by putting the photographs next to each other,over lapping them, or putting them on top of each other. I had also made the background all grey as I wasn’t too keen on having it too toned. The photographs were originally colour but when I was editing them I thought they looked better in colour, whilst editing them I made sure I didn’t edit them all the same as I wanted there to be a contrast of tones through the brick of the church.

I took 20 photos for the joiner as I wasn’t sure how many I needed to take. I thought 20 would be a good amount of photos to do as then I had some to get rid of if they didn’t suit what I tried to do. I decided to photograph the church as the detail on the bricks and the angles that I could take the photographs,which creates dimension.

I originally tried to do a portrait of George but I didn’t take the photographs in different angles, to create a different effect like David Hockney had done with his photographs. I found the editing process harder to do with the portrait as they is more lining up to do with their facial features and body parts. I think the church joiner has worked much better than what the portrait would have done due to it being a building and you can manipulate its straight lines to create your own wall for example.


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