Digital Black&White Editing ; PhotoShop:

A black and white photographer has:

  •  High contrast,atmospheric,moody,alternative and surreal
  • Tonal range
  • Grayscale – white,gray,black
  • Non-distracting, refined,focus
  • Dodge&Burn – Lighten&Darken

How To Create This In Photoshop:

  1.  Start with a punchy colour image
  2. Over saturate the image
  3. New Layer → Black and White
  4. Fill layer with 50% Gray- Edit-Fill-50% gray
  5. Blending → Colour
  6. Create an adjustment layer → Selective colour
  7. Duplicate the selective colour layer

To Make It Look Like Film:

  1. New Layer → Film Grain
  2. Edit – Fill – 50% Gray
  3. Filter – Noise – Add Noise
  4. Monochromatic
  5. Gaussian
  6. Blending – Overlay


  1. New Layer → Dodge&Burn
  2. Paint brush – black(burn) – white(dodge)
  3. Opacity – 40%
  4. Blending – Soft light
  5. Apply the same opacity and blending to the paint brush

My Attempt Into Black and White Photography:

I tried to use a landscape and a portrait photo to experiment with, I am not sure how I feel about them but I know for sure they look better in black and white then what they did it colour,other than the lemon. I used the lemon just to experiment a bit more and to see what the finally outcome would be, I don’t really like how it turned out as I just prefer it in colour as it is more vibrant.


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