Mood Board 2:

mood board 2.jpg

I have changed and developed my mood board due to my ideas changing since the first one I had done. I prefer this mood board a lot more as it shows different styles of portraits and different well-known people from different ages, starting from the Greek Gods – 1969. I have got a variety of people on my mood board which differs from each carer they had. I have done this as I want to create a series of images which has inspired people from different eras. I think having people from different backgrounds from different years is important, as you can see how they have changed and how things are different in now compared to when they were around. For example the Krays. The Krays is a good example as the were once the most feared people in their social environment. However people now may feel like they are inspiring to them as they stood up for themselves and didn’t take nothing from anyone.


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