Brian Duffy ; Fashion&Portrait Photographer:

As many other photographers, Brian Duffy has taken photos of Twiggy, he took the photo of her in a different way unlike everyone, she is smiling in her photo instead of looking so serious. He shot his work on black and white film,however he burnt all of his negatives in a fit of pique.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 15.18.13.png

From his work I have narrowed down two of his photographs which are my favourites from his work. The models in the photographs are Jean Shrimpton and Pauline Stone.


The reason I like this photo is due to the natural look of it. I like how Jean Shrimpton hasn’t forced this pose and how Brian Duffy is fine with her doing this. I think what makes it even less of a serious atmosphere is that she is holding a cigarette in her hand. Having this shot in black and white film complements the photograph and the style of the photograph which I imagine was intended. Unlike fashion portraits that we have now, this ones looks relaxed and doesn’t give a fake appearance of the model, which I feel is quite inspiring. You can also see in the photograph that she has a little spot or beauty spot on her cheek, which hasn’t been covered up, this also gives a real appearance of the model. Leaving the spot on her cheek, would have given young girls in the 1960’s that it is okay to have imperfections and to flaunt them, just like Jean Shrimpton has done here.

Brian Duffy was clever whilst taking this photograph due to the fact he knew that if he allowed her to keep her fingers on her lips and to keep her cigarette in her hand will draw people in, and make them more interested in it. This photograph isn’t the typical portrait that you would get. Dodging and burning the photograph in the way he has, creates highlight on her face and hands which draws you in even more as it is the lightest part of the photograph. By allowing the background to be so dark gives a halo around her face where her dark hair falls around her face.


The reason I have been drawn to this particular photograph shot by Brian Duffy is due to her hair as it is wild and backcombed. I think this image is popular is because in a way Pauline Stone looks a bit like Jean Shrimpton, the eyebrows and nose. Paulene Stone has the same body language as the photo above, as she is very relaxed and open to the camera. This makes the photo seem very inviting and ‘nice’. I have noticed with Brian Duffy’s work he allows the model to be very free and loose with their body language. I feel like doing this you get the models true character.

The dodging and burning in this photograph is mainly dodging and it is light on all areas but her hair, but her hair would have came out dark anyway, depending on the colour. This photograph also represents the non-perfect look as her hair is messy, I feel like generations still look up to this as not everyone has a good hair day. The eye make-up compliments the hair as that is neat and tidy, where the hair isn’t, creating a juxtaposition.


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