David Bailey;1960’s:

I came across Swinging London when I was researching into David Baileys 60’s portraits. Then I discovered that it was a collaboration with David Bailey,Terence Donovan and Brian Duffy, the three artists I was going to research from the start. As soon as I seen this I began to research more into these series of work that they created.

The series of work was to capture the culture of fashion and celebrity chic. The worked with a variety of people, ranging from Royalty-Street Gangsters. Having a wide range of people to photograph helps show what London was like in the 1960’s, and how fashion and status had ruled it.

David Bailey’s Work I Am Inspired By:

The Krays;

The photograph that David Bailey had taken of the Kray Twins, has really appealed to me. The tones in the photograph is what grabbed my attention and how the had presented themselves in front of the camera. The photograph is yet notable and historic as it is showing previous successful work that David Bailey had created in the late 60’s and the subject of the photograph is the Kray Twins, which could be classed as iconic.Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.06.27.png

The facial expressions that they have, I believe is a way of them showing the viewers that they are still intimidating and should be feared still even though they are having their photo taken by David Bailey and are now seen as celebrities for their high status they had achieved in London in the 1960’s. I feel like this photograph has really captured the reputation the Kray Twins had gained over time. I also believe that this photograph shows who was the more dominant twin out of the two, as Ronnie Kray is more forward and looks more serious and stern, then Reggie Kray who is further back and looks less serious. More childlike and unsure of how to stand and present himself.

I want to create a similar photograph but just use one person, to make the two twins. I am going to achieve this by making slight changes to my models appearance. I will edit the photographs together on Photoshop, adding grain and converting to black and white. I want to have a shoot inspired by David Bailey’s black and white portraits and the Kray Twins. I want to involve the Kray Twins as I am interested in how they became so famous and well-known for being feared by everyone in the 60’s. In a way, underneath all their crimes they have taught people to stand up for yourself and don’t allow people to push you around, and that you are capable of standing up for yourself in situations.

Jean Shrimpton;

Jean Shrimpton is known for being the worlds first supermodel. Her modelling career was unknown before she started working with David Bailey. The work David Bailey produced of Jean Shrimpton is very elegant and has a soft natural glow about it.

I like these images due to the fact they look air brushed and do not come across plain and dull. I like how the definition on her arms is prominent as it then causes the photo not to appear flat, it is creating different tones, by having shadows on the skin ect. It looks very sultry. What draws me into the photo is that it is so minimal but works so well. The only negative thing I have to say about this image is that, it doesn’t remind me on the 60’s and the clothing is black body suit and her make-up is minimal, isn’t caked on.

I am not 100% on whether I want to edit my photo with this much contrast as I want it to have a rustic feel to it, but then again this does appeal to me.


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