David Bailey ; Vogue 1960:

David Baileys work interests me as I love how he takes all of his portraits in black and white. He doesn’t force a pose upon them he lets them be themselves which I find interesting. I was looking at the photographs he took in the 1960’s and they just fascinate me as they are not different from what he does now, he hasn’t changed himself to get a wider audience.

In a way this is the type of photographs that I wanted to create for my FMP before I came across his work from the 60’s. These images are the images he shot for Vogue 1960. `I was looking at Vogue 1950’s yesterday and the jump which fashion has had over those 10 years is impeccable. The fashion from the 60’s is what I want to include into my photographs for my FMP.

Their faces in the photographs are the main focus of the photograph as they are the brightest part of the image as everything else is quite dark. Having a dark back ground/clothing makes their skin tones stand out the most,which to me makes their skin look really airbrushed and soft. I like how they are mainly looking into the camera which kind of draws you in more as their eyes are fixed onto you,even though they are looking at the camera.

I also like how the hair stylist has ensured that they dont have they hair covering the shape of their faces, making their facial features stand out more. Having the hair of their shoulders and out of the face makes their figure stand out more as it doesn’t make them look slumpy and hutched over. Their jaw line is more prominant then what it would be if they had their hair in their face.


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