Colour Photography VS Black and White Photography:


  •  Bright colours catch the eye of the viewer
  • An image’s setting and time is inferred from its colours. Warm colours give context to an autumnal portrait. Cool colours portray winter. Lush greens show the viewer that the photo was taken in the spring
  • Opt for colour images when colour is a key element in the story your photo is telling

Using colour always depends of the mood of the image, for example if it was dark and glooming out blues and blacks should be key in the photograph. Yellows,blues and greens should be present if it is sunny or a happy mood for a photograph. If there is an object in the photograph and is representing something and you want it to stand out using colour in the photograph would be better,rather than using black and white.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 14.18.51.png

I don’t feel like this photograph would look the same if it was in black and white as it is very green which would be the same tones when in black and white. As there is different shades of green you can see the feathers really distinctively and it creates a texture in the photograph. If this was in black and white you wouldn’t be able to get the same feel of the textures in the photograph, due to the tones being the same.

Black and White:

  • Is timeless, can’t put an exact date to the photograph.
  • The world is see in colour so when it is converted to monochrome it makes you stop and pay more attention into the image.
  • Can use black and white to stop the photograph from being distracting with the colours in it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 14.31.05.png

This photograph works in black and white due to the detail on his face, and his big frames. I like how you can see the reflection in his glasses but can still see his wide eyes. Black and white have made his eyes seem more emotional and deep. The clarity has clearly been put up in this as you can see the creases in his face and his pores are more defined. I just feel like this photograph has a lot of meaning behind it and it makes you question what has he been through for his eyes to be tearing up a bit.



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