Lee Jeffries; Black and White Portraits:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 14.48.20.png

This image that Lee Jeffries had done really stood out to me. It stood out to me because it is mainly hands that you first see and then gradually look up to see her face. Her glasses look so cartoon like, they just don’t look like real glasses and I think this is because of the editing of the photo – High contrast, high clarity, high tonal range.

This photo just like many of Lee Jeffries photos holds a lot of emotion. Even though she doesn’t look distressed she still has an emotional expression on her face. Having her hands touching her face shows that she is worried and unsure as she is keeping her self close. Her lips are in her mouth and that gives me the impression that she is holding something back, but the question is what? I assume this lady is homeless due to her dirtiness, but if she was that would explain why she has so much emotion in her body language and face.

Jeffries says. “I specifically look at people’s eyes—when I see it, I recognise it and feel it—and I repeat the process over and over again.” Seeing this on a website I had looked at had finally made it certain that he looks for at their eyes for emotion. They do say that the eyes are the window to the soul, so I’m guessing that he believes in that and looks at them to see the emotion to the person and their past/present.

By doing a series of photos of homeless people I think it brings awareness to other people as they might stereotype them to be dangerous ect. But by showing their personality through photos it stops this stereotype and helps people understand they are just normal everyday people.


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