Using Old Film Camera;Contaflex

contact sheet 2 (1)contact sheet 1

The images that are circled in purple are the images I had taken on the Contaflex. I am pleased with the outcome with two of them as they have come out clear and not blurry. The one with the boat in it is over exposed by a lot. I am quite annoyed with this as the angle I took the photo in was unusual. Some of the photos are ruined due to be exposed to light whilst being processed.

This isn’t my first time using a film camera but this time around they have worked so much better. It worked better due to the focusing, I think the focusing was easier on the camera I used for this shot then the camera I used the first time. I think using this camera was easier in general as I could see through the viewfinder easier and the controls were just easier to grasp and understand.

My favourite one is the first one due to the depth of field. I also like how it is different style that I would usually take; I don’t usually take photographs of plants ect. It was risky to take this shot as I couldn’t look at the photo after I had taken I had to wait until it was developed to know the final result. I would like to scan this photo in again so I can open it in photoshop and edit it to the way I want it to be.



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