Shoot One; Contact Sheet:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 08.46.59.png

4763 and 4736 are my favourite photos from the shoot due to the atmosphere and presents he has given himself. Having his head cocked to the side slightly makes the photograph more interesting as he isn’t jus stood there with his head straight on. I like how this photo looks similar to the photo of the Krays as they have their heads cocked to the side. I didn’t tell him to cock his head nor did I show him the photo of the Krays which I find quite interesting as he didn’t know that how they posed for their photo.

4742 and 4751 look too happy in a way as he has a smug look on his face, other than making him look fierce he looks more playful. I really like the lighting in 4742 but his facial expressions do not go with the theme of what I was going for. If he pulled a more serious face I would have used that one. However the other problem with this photo if that I feel like he is too close to the camera to have another person behind him, but if it was for a single person photo it would work really well.

For this shoot I used beauty lighting. To achieve this I booked out soft boxes,light metre and a flash trigger. The flash trigger was really helpful as it fired the flash off when I took the photo. You can tell I used beauty lighting as if you look closely into his eyes you can see the light and a shadow has been created under his chin, this is used to hide double chins, it gives the impression of a more slender face shape.Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.41.00.png

Camera Settings:

  • F8
  • Shutter Speed 1/2500
  • ISO 100

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