Shoot One; Edit One:

edit one.jpg

To ensure both photos were next to each other seamlessly I used layer mask to reveal one of the photos, this was easy to do as at this point I didn’t scale the photographs so that it looked like he was actually behind him (further away from the camera) I used 50% fill to create convert it to black and white, to change the tones I used selective colour. For the shoot I used a black back drop instead of a white one as black is easier to work with and I fill like faces come out more than what a white back drop would do.

Although I hadn’t done a lot of changes to the photograph this edit gave me the foundations to do my final edit. The harder parts of the editing was done in this edit so in my other edits I didn’t have to worry about layer masks, the background and the editing of the original images. All I had to do really was to play about with the levels and the scale of the two photos of the model until I was happy with the outcome I wanted.

I aligned them up to the way the Kray twins were set out in their shoot, but I decided to change the way I wanted the person at the back to be standing/how close they are to the camera ect. Although I wanted this shoot to be in the style of David Bailey editing the Krays ect, I decided through the editing of my work I didn’t like the outcome he has produced of them as it looks to cartoon like and to me it looks over edited with the burning of the photo. I wanted the faces to be quite bright and visible instead of being dark and hard to make out.



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