Shoot One; Edit Three:


final edit

Although it doesn’t look like obvious changes with the editing of this image, I have changed it slightly. The first thing I had done was change the levels so the face was lighter and so the background looked seamless again. I had also taken away his nose stud on the back image so that they didn’t look exactly the same. I think taking away something so small has made a difference in the way he looks in both images. I feel like his face looks slimmer in the back photo, this is due to the shadow that has cast on his neck is thinner than the shadow on the person at the front. The shadow brings in the chin and gives it the appearance of a slimer face shape.

I wanted to have the photo in black and white as I wanted to edit my photos in the style of David Bailey, who shot on film. To have gives the photos a film grain feel I added some noise to the image, but only slightly as I didn’t want to over do it because I didn’t want the focus to be taken away from the main purpose. I also feel that black and white photographs show more emotion as there is no colour distracting you from the emotion and reasoning behind the photo. If there was colour in the photo I feel like it can be too distracting and can cause the focus to be on another part of the image instead of what the main focus is. With black and white photography you can pick out what you want to be seen and what you want to be brighter by dodging and burning. I wanted the background to be black so I could manipulate the tonal range of the whites and blacks in the photo.

I am not 100% with this outcome so I am going to keep coming back to edit it and edit it until I feel happy with the final outcome.


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