Shoot One; Edit Two:

edit two.jpg

In this edit the first thing I tried out was scaling and replacing the two photos. I think this looks much better as it looks more realistic as he would be further back from the camera so he would be smaller than what the other person is. As I made the photo smaller I had to content aware the edges as they were white. Content aware was easier to do as the background was just all black, if the background had different colours in it, it would of made the task much harder to do as it would of needed to be lined up.

I like how the shirts have blended into the background as I didn’t want that to be the main focus. My main aim was to have his top half as the main focus due to the facial expressions and the difference of the hair.I played around with the levels but I had made his face too dark, which I do not like. I wanted the faces to be lighter but the background darker.



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