Mike Perry; Plymouth Arts Centre:

Today we went to view the exhibit that Mike Perry had displayed in the Plymouth Arts Centre of his work Land/Sea(Tir/Mor). The layout of his work was clean cut and had a clear representation of his work, it was easy to view.

I have two opinions of his work. My first opinion is I do not really like it when it is singular images. I feel like it is too simple when it is just one image on a computed screen. But in person the images look like they are 3D due to the white back ground he has photographed them on. An image of a washed up glove he has photographed looks like you can put your hand in it and wear it, which I find rare with some photography as I have only seen a few photographers who have managed this effect in their work. On a computer screen it just looks like an image of something that he has found of a beach, it looks like a photo that everyone else has taken. I think his work needs to be seen in person to be really appreciated as you can get close and personal to the photographs to view them properly.

I would like to go see his work again as it was interesting to see how he captures bits of washed up rubbish off beaches. In a way he glorifies what he finds but then he is bringing awareness to how much rubbish gets washed up onto beaches.


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