Shoot One; How I Edited My Final Image:

To achieve my final edit it took a lot of experimenting and positioning of the layers to achieve what I wanted. My idea was to interpret the photo David Bailey had shot of the Kray Twins. I wanted to do this photograph as I liked the layout and the editing of the photograph.

The Positioning:

The positioning of these two layers had to be thought about a lot as I needed to work out which one suited my idea the best. I also needed to work out the angles the heads needed to be at.

I was dead set on having the heads like the first photo; as I thought that the angle of his head fitted in well with how the other head was looking straight over his shoulder. I also liked how it filled the frame and didn’t have a lot of negative space. The space in between them made it seem like they were stood too far apart, even though the illusion was to make him look like he was stood behind himself. I think to made this one look better I would have to make the head at the back smaller,only a little bit, and bring it in closer to succeed in the illusion of him standing behind him.

The second photo for me works better as the illusion of having him stood behind himself is more clear, as he is smaller but is closer to him. It has a more realistic look rather than having it look like I had just placed it next to each other. I got the idea of flipping and swapping the heads around during speaking to Jen when I was asking for her opinion. I took her opinion on ball and I think it works much better now as I feel the angle of his head fits better behind the shoulder as it looks like he is peeping over his shoulder as his head is at a tilt. It looks as though he is trying to be seen, not just placed there to be seen.

To put both of the layers together I used a layer mask. As both of the backgrounds were black I wasn’t too fussed about how neat I was whilst rubbing out the edges. You can’t see the edges when I had placed them both together due to the black background.


To put the two photos together I used a layer mask. Using a layer mask makes it look more natural and seamless as it doesn’t look like it has just been placed there. Having the layer mask helps make it look like they are actually behind each other and more than one person. The placement helps with this as it doesn’t look out of proportion, it is to scale. Causing you to think that he is two people.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.00.27.png

During turning it into black and white I had taken away and added different selective colours and changed the brightness and contrast. But i soon realised I didn’t need those layers I just needed to play around with the levels to get the right highlights and shadows on the faces. I had added some dodging and burning to add more shadows and highlights to his face, I played around with this, hiding the layer to see if it had made any difference before I had added them. I feel like adding highlights and shadows makes the face stand out more giving it some texture and gives a 3D look about it.

I wanted to make the background blacker using levels and contrast as I wanted the model to really pop out of the photo, I feel like if it was a white background they would have got lost and it wouldn’t be as powerful. Having the black makes the photo look powerful and strong as it is a solid colour, showing what I want it to show of the model. For example the expressions are strong as their faces are the main focus now.



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