Tom Oldham:

Whilst looking through Tom Oldham’s portfolio I came across these two photographs that stood out to me the most. I feel like they stood out to me as the are in black and white with high clarity. I really like the photo of Sir Richard Branson as his facial features are really clear, and during the editing process he decided to keep his wrinkles in. Leaving wrinkles and imperfections gives the photographs more personality and character. The black back ground brings out his tanned/pale skinned. The lighting that he has used creates a shadow on the face but leaves a white haze around their faces. I prefer his black and white photography more as I feel like there is more depth within the photos due to the levels and contrast.

Oldham is inspirational as he started out to be a PCA student and now he is a famous photographer. This shows that by working hard and doing what you love you can become someone by doing something you enjoy, rather than being stuck in a job you hate.


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