David Bailey – Michael Caine; Practise Shoot:

Michael Caine recreation.jpg

I wanted to edit a photo from the contact sheet to see the if the end result is something I wanted. It turns out that this is the outcome I want to achieve for my final photo shoot for the Michael Caine shoot. Even though I have got somethings I need to improve on to get the correct outcome, looking at this photo makes me kind of want to keep it how it is. But using this and another photo shoot I can then compare and critique them and work out which one worked best. By doing this it will help me understand where I can improve and how I got to my final outcome.

To edit this photo, I used Photoshop and Photoshop RAW. I adjusted the clarity, shadows, highlights and contrast to get the desired edit I wanted. Once I had opened it into Photoshop I had added a 50% grey fill to it to make it black and white. I played around with the levels which really helped bring up the shadows and highlights. As the levels didn’t give me enough shadow without making the image look black, I dodged and burned around the face and hair. This then created the shadow on the light side of the face that I wanted. Even though the shadow is on the opposite side compared the actual photo of Michael Caine, having the shadow on the left looks better in my opinion. I had also added a little bit of a crop to the head, I only cropped it a little bit as I didn’t want to overdo it, due to him having his hair pushed upwards, there would be too much forehead in the shot. Whereas the Michael Caine photo is cropped all the way down to his forehead. However, it works for the framing of the photo as it doesn’t just show his forehead making him look bold or over cropped.

There is a few things that I would change in this photo and that is the cigarette not being straight, it would look better if it was straight as it would look like it is coming out of the photo, making it look less flat and more 3D. I would also change the lighting from beauty lighting to having it 45 degrees right of the model so that the shadow is on the left side of the face again, but I will experiment with the lighting more to create harsher or less harsh shadows on the face and chin.



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