David Bailey; Michael Caine:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 09.48.16.png

David Bailey photographed Michael Caine in the 60’s using a film camera. The lighting in this photo is strong as it emphasises half of his facial features, whereas the other side of his face in the shadow are not as emphasised. I would say the lighting he used was on the right side of the model at 45 degree angle. I can tell that the light is to the side due to the reflection in his eyes. I like this lighting as it shows depth within the face as it accentuate’s certain features.

The cigarette makes the photo, as to me it looks like it splits the dark and the light from each other, as some sort of barrier from the good and the bad as it is white with no shadow on it. Also by having straight forward without a droop makes it almost come out of the screen giving more depth to his face. It also makes the cigarette look real as you can see the bottom of it, although it is only a little bit it still makes a difference as this is what creates the 3D look about it, as it makes the oval shape come alive in the photo not just in person.

Having the suit jacket blacked out makes the collar of his shirt stand out more as it is the only light thing around his face. Having the shirt on display frames his chin as it is in a triangular shape, making his chin seem broader than what it actually is. It also separates everything as his tie has been lost in his jacket as well. Although half of his tie has disappeared, having the top bit of the tie is all you really need as you know what it is so you don’t need to see all of it to understand what it is going on. I think having the bottom of the suit in the photo would draw attention from his face and the cigarette as there would be then too much going on in the photo.The main focus is the cigarette and his face so that is all you really need in it, I know this is the main focus due to the way he has presented himself in the way his is standing and leaning into the camera.


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