Jean Shrimpton; Overview:

Jean Shrimpton was the first super model known, the highest paid model in the 1960’s and the face of ‘Swinging London’, along with popularising the miniskirt. Shrimpton was on the cover of Vogue in 1962 due to David Bailey insisting he used her for the shoot, this helped both of their careers.

Popularising the mini skirt started at her 1965 appearance at Derby Day in Australia where she wore a white shift dress 4inches above her knees, it was shorted than she intended as her dress-maker had run out fabric for her original design and ideas. This caused an up roar in the media, raising the style to be fashionable. After this Australian women steered away from traditions and were inspired to create their own tailoring path. ‘The establishment took itself pretty seriously and the Shrimpton sensation did something to break that. Young women were itching to ditch their gloves, and they certainly did after Jean. The mini was sensational, and her wearing it so well encouraged everyone to lift their hems above their knees’ Says fashion consultant and businesswomen Susan M.Renouf.


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